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Colonel Hugh Reed

National Director and Founder of Reed Law Group

You cannot hope to accomplish on the bar exam what you haven't practiced in your bar review. Interactive learning, continuous performance execution, and constant coaching by experts who regularly take bar exams are invaluable to your success -- listening to long lectures by those who do not take bar exams regularly, taking copious notes, and reading long outlines are not.

Hugh Reed

Colonel Hugh Reed (and the attorney-coaches of Reed Bar Review) brings a wealth of experience to help students succeed on their law examinations. Reed is considered a national expert on examination testing techniques. He takes bar exams regularly and studies the constant changes on bar examinations. He has personally taken and passed over 30 Multistate Bar Exams (MBEs)...and counting.

With over thirty years of experience in preparing students for their law school and bar examinations, Reed has developed helpful mnemonics, checklists, and disciplined approaches to help law students and bar candidates succeed on law examinations. His performance-based approach focuses on remembering key principles of law under the pressure of timed examination formats. Reed, a graduate of the George Mason University School of Law, is the former Director of Multistate Testing, Editor-in-Chief, and Director of various states' bar reviews for the largest traditional bar review in the country; he also has written and edited numerous books and outlines including Gilbert Law Summaries and Legalines. Colonel Reed is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Court of Military Appeals, U.S. Tax Court, and numerous jurisdictions by taking bar exams regularly for his multi-jurisdictional law practice representing military personnel worldwide. The MBE and the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) change constantly-- however, up to 60 of the 200 questions on the MBE are repeat questions from past exams as are approximately 15 of the 50 graded questions on the MPRE, for statistical equating purposes. Reed teaches you how to beat the test. Albeit we are bound legally and ethically not to republish secure questions, Reed Bar Review constantly monitors changes on the bar exam and is licensed by the National Conference of Bar Examiners to republish all released questions. We’re committed to train you on the most often tested concepts in order for you to pass your exam!

Colonel Reed is retired Army Airborne Ranger with combat experience and the Commander of two Army Aviation Brigades, including the U.S. Army's Aviation Training Brigade. He uses his experience as an Army Ranger and teaching pilots to define his teaching approach for law exams. By using the principle "practice makes perfect," and flawless performance under anxiety conditions, Reed teaches preparation for law examinations like Army Rangers rehearse combat missions and pilots learn emergency flight procedures. Reed programs simulate anxiety-prone conditions, like law examinations, by using interactive reviews that emphasize memorization and performance techniques utilizing proprietary checklists, mnemonics/acrostics, and other test preparation devices. These simulated pressure-filled testing conditions and continuous expert feedback have made the difference between success and failure for countless students, many of whom are now successful attorneys, judges, and members of Congress. See our website at in order to review just some of our past students’ testimonials.

Candidates who use our tutoring services for their first attempt to pass their bar exam enjoy the highest pass rate in the nation! Repeat students, on average, increase their scores by 30-50 points after failing their first bar exam preparing with traditional bar reviews. Some increased their scores by over 100 points! All U.S. Armed Forces veterans receive a substantial discount on all services offered.

If you need to excel on your exams or need answers to important questions regarding any aspect of the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE), the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE), the Multistate Performance Test (MPT), Essay Writing, or tutoring while in law school, it’s time for you to call us at 1.800-852-EXAM (3926) today! We will help you map out a strategy for success!

Our Vision

To Provide the Most Effective Legal Test Preparation in the U.S.

Our Mission

  • Provide Training Options That Include Structured:
    • Personal Coaching Tailored to Individual Needs
    • Guided Exam Study and/or
    • Complete Online Reviews
  • Offer Guaranteed Success for Each Test Program
  • Allow Access to MP3 and Data Training Files Including Actual and Simulated Exams 24/7
  • Accommodate Flexibility/Convenience - No Wasteful Commuting
  • Start Training as Early as Five Months Before the Exam
  • Self-Schedule and Train With Attorney/Coaches Who Are Experts in Exam Preparation
  • Offer 30 Years Experience in Excellence
  • Prepare for All U.S. Exams from Anywhere Worldwide
  • Use Memory Devices Such as Mnemonics, Acrostics, Checklists
  • Support All Training With Live and Continuous Tech Support
  • Furnish Psychological Test Evaluation to Help You Succeed
  • Get Immediate Feedback from an Attorney/Coach Six Days/Week 8 A.M. Until 10 P.M. CST
  • Licensed by NCBE to Republish Actual Bar Exam Questions/Answers
  • Offer Payment Plans/Options